A Stunning Introduction

After the wine arrived, Donald placed his Dictapad on the coffee table set to record, and David reluctantly put aside his report. Lady Chief opened the discussion, “We’ll be here most of the afternoon, so I suggest you gentlemen loosen your ties. There’s a lot to talk about, much of which you won’t enjoy hearing.” Neither David or Donald made any attempt to modify their dress. “Before we start, however, I’ll introduce the three of us to you.”

She gestured towards us. “‘Elizabeth’ is a whore by profession and came to work for GLCIS when she was Madam of the most upscale legal whorehouse in the Matriarchal Zone. ‘Sally’, as a fledgling GLCIS spy was sent into the Zone with Elizabeth to learn how to be a whore at that same whorehouse and to work in Deep Cover for GLCIS as the new Madam of that house, spying on the submissive men, lesbian Fem/Dom police, and the generation of forced bisexual women in their 30’s of the Zone. Sally was undercover for almost ten years, three with learning to be whore and Madam, nearly seven as an active deep cover spy as well.”

Both bureaucrats were working very hard to keep their eyes from expanding and their jaws from dropping, with only moderate success. The security couple had no success. The whole concept left them stunned.

“By doing so, Sally made the greatest Deep Cover personal sacrifice, short of dying in service, ever asked of any GLCIS spy, essentially her entire life. As they will tell you, what you do to “enter the life” and become a whore marks you out as a whore and, therefore, a criminal in most countries, including GLC, for the rest of your days. Sally, would you please stand up and walk back and forth to the bathroom.” I did so and returned to my seat to explain it.

I smiled politely. “This is what High Class Tarts call the “come hither gait”. A more exaggerated version is used by street solicitors and they call it the “slut strut”. I was polite and didn’t mention our common name for those wretched whores. They deserve anyone’s pity, even ours. It was one of the first things Elizabeth taught me and I practiced it both in our house, Elizabeth’s Secret, and out walking in the Zone itself for 3 solid years. In that time, the muscles of my butt and thighs developed from exercise into a configuration making it nearly impossible to walk any other way. I occasionally try to walk as I walked before becoming a whore and it is excruciatingly painful. In public it marks us both out as whores to other whores, cops, Johns who frequent houses regularly, clerks of sleazy motels, and, most dangerously, pimps.”

Lady Chief continued, “As a collateral benefit, both have become wealthy women, but even at Elizabeth’s age and in retirement she has been routinely at risk of being shaken down by patrolling Chicago Police. So was Sally when she returned from Deep Cover. Elizabeth also had a rap sheet with them so she couldn’t apply to own or carry a gun. That meant she was also vulnerable to attacks by pimps. This may surprise you given her age, but there is a large trade in age appropriate sex-for-hire in Chicago. Sally had worked legally as a whore in the Zone, had no rap sheet, and was able to get a gun and a concealed carry licence to fend off the pimps.”

With my little whore strapping smile I pleasantly interjected. “I’m also very believable when I look at you and tell you, that if you don’t back off, I’m going to kill you.” The security boss David’s eyes narrowed, everybody else involuntarily pushed backward a little in their chairs.

“Sally was also the most productive deep cover agent in my tenure, the volume of secrets from her whorehouse was immense, always enough to warrant detailed weekly reports, and occasionally enough to require urgent and immediate reporting. Sally and Elizabeth together were on the run from assassins of both Mossad and GLCIS when they reentered the Zone. As you can see, they survived. That doesn’t happen very often with either of those agencies. And Elizabeth, with an illegally obtained gun, shot and killed the GLICIS professional killer in the final, face to face, confrontation.”

David’s face showed the slightest frown between his eyebrows and the outer tips of his lips. He began to stare at Elizabeth and I very intently. The shoulders of all the others started to droop slightly. “Real Spies” indeed.

“And I am the third chief of GLCIS, now retired. So I KNOW just how dangerous that agency is. I, myself, ended up ordering the killing of 26 men and two women during my tenure. Elizabeth and Sally had my killers sent after them by a rogue Mossad mole in the agency. As far as I know, Elizabeth and Sally were the only spies who ever survived our killers. Elizabeth was a naturally talented spy who never even trained with us, and survived only by her splendid tradecraft. She, Sally, and I have now survived a second attempt to kill us simply and solely by her tradecraft.”

David’s frown had deepened into a scowl. Everybody else unconsciously recoiled from Lady Chief.

“You may call me ‘Julie’ if you like, but my favorite nickname is the one I was given by these two loyal friends, Lady Chief. In the previous generation to Sally, I was in Deep Cover in Sec/Spy, the rogue security agency of the Matriarchal Zone. If I had been blown and captured, I would have been tried by Sec/Spy’s secret court, then sentenced to a 75 to 100 stroke caning which would continue until I was crippled for life and permanently in excruciating pain from extensive nerve damage. ALL of the agents who were caned in this way endured it for at most about 6 months. Then they killed themselves.

“In Deep Cover I was an interrogator for SEC/SPY with the reputation of being the toughest one they had. I even had to break one spy from GLCIS who was later sentenced to be caned: if you were a Deep Cover in the Zone, your tradecraft had to be perfect, or you would be crippled by SEC/SPY and kill yourself. I regret this more than anything I’ve ever done since. I not only killed that boy, I betrayed him, and I had engineered his torture. And I was congratulated by both SEC/SPY and GLCIS for doing it. These things made me tough enough to be chosen Chief of my agency.”

There were about 15 seconds of silence.

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